Psoriatic arthritis gi symptoms uk

Metabolism and Excretion: Split by intestinal bacteria into sulfapyridine and 5-aminosalicylic acid.Some absorbed sulfasalazine is excreted by bile back into intestines; 15% excreted unchanged by the kidneys. May ↑ action/risk of toxicity from oral hypoglycemic agents, phenytoin, methotrexate, zidovudine, or warfarin.↑ risk of drug-induced hepatitis with other hepatotoxic agents.↑ risk of crystalluria with methenamine. Describe key warning signs and symptoms (easy bruising or bleeding, severe diarrhea, unusual tiredness, yellowing of skin or eyes, sore throat, rash, cough, mouth sores, fever). Advise patient to promptly report scant or bloody urine or inability to urinate.• Instruct patient to contact prescriber if he develops depression.• Teach patient effective ways to counteract photosensitivity effect. John's wort increase phototoxicity risk and should be avoided during therapy.• Inform patient that drug may discolor skin and body fluids orange-yellow and may permanently stain contact lenses.• Advise female patient to inform pre-scriber if she is pregnant. Tell patient drug can cause blood disorders, GI and liver problems, serious skin reactions, and other infections. Acute rheumatoid arthritis Adults: Initially, 500 mg to 1 g (delayed-release) P. Folic acid: decreased folic acid absorption Drug-herbs. John's wort: increased risk of photosensitivity Drug-behaviors. If no benefit after 12 weeks, increase to 3 g/day given in two divided doses. Instruct him to drink plenty of fluids to minimize crystal formation in urine.• Urge patient to complete full course of treatment, even if he feels better after a few days.May ↓ metabolism and increase effects/toxicity of mercaptopurine or thioguanine. Bilirubin, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, eosinophils, transaminases: increased levels Granulocytes, hemoglobin, platelets, white blood cells: decreased levels Urine glucose test: false-positive result Drug-food. Report early signs before condition can progress to Stevens-Johnson syndrome.• Monitor patient for signs and symptoms of superinfection, including fever, tachycardia, and chills. Evaluate patient's fluid intake, urine output, and urine p H.Folic acid's primary function in the body is as a cofactor to various methyltransferases involved in serine, methionine, thymidine and purine biosynthesis.

Abdominal pain, headaches, increased LFTs, myalgia, nausea, opportunistic infections, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.Some such as proguanil, pyrimethamine and trimethoprim selectively inhibit folate's actions in microbial organisms such as bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Sun exposure: increased risk of photosensitivity Stay alert for signs of erythema multiforme. Digoxin, folic acid: reduced absorption of these drugs Drug-diagnostic tests.Consequently antifolates inhibit cell division, DNA/RNA synthesis and repair and protein synthesis.

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