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Today, doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis as a treatment for issues such as sleeping disorders, aches and pains, and eating conditions related to other medical treatments like chemotherapy.Radiographs are often negative when stress fractures occur so early immobilization via CAM walkers (cast boots) or casts may be considered while awaiting more definitive imaging with MRI or CT scans.Human bones, when loaded or bent repeatedly beyond their capacity may form small cracks which can eventually break.Running can increase the force to 2 to 3 times body weight.Shoes with poor heel protection, poor running form, shoes with lack of shanks, or faulty foot mechanics can significantly increase stress and strain on the heel bone.Consider a paperclip that, after being bent several times, will break in two.Pain from calcaneal or heel bone stress fractures may cause pain througout the day unlike plantar fasciitis which is more noticeable after arising in the morning or after rest. One simple test is known as the “squeeze test” in which one can squeeze the bottom portion of the heel bone which, if painful, may be a sign of a calcaneal stress fracture.Here are links to pages about the dermatological manifestations of non-infectious internal diseases: immune, autoimmune and rheumatic diseases; genetic, metabolic, endocrine and nutritional states; internal malignancy; haematological diseases; psychiatric states; and drug eruptions.If it takes 4 bends to break a paperclip then a paperclip that has been bent three times, that appear to be in one piece is not a normal paperclip since one more bend will break it.The difference between bone and the metal of a paperclip is that bone is continually healing or building up on the area of stress.Stress fractures are cracks in bones that occur from chronic repetitve trauma.It is important to recognize the underlying causes of the stress fracture and take measures to prevent recurrence.The good news is that the heel bone tends to heal well once immobilization has been provided.The skin may reflect signs of systemic diseases, useful for diagnosis, or suffer from a complication of disease or its treatment.

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